Mark Rutledge

Mark Rutledge has been behind a camera since he was eight years old, but for the past twenty years it has been his work as well as his passion.

Mark's first love is the still image, and after receiving his BFA, he entered the world of fine art and commercial photography with clients such as Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, 7-11, and GE.

Since 2000, Mark has increasingly turned his talents to moving pictures. He has been the Director of Photography for countless commercial projects as well as feature films, working with some of the greatest talents in Hollywood, including Tom Berenger, Kim Coates, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Jurgen Prochnow. A long time admirer of the documentary, Mark has also had the pleasure to shoot for Comcast, Fuel TV, and Children's Medical Center among others, documenting a wide range of topics from skateboarders in California, children recovering from heart transplants, to village life in Zambia.

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